Proxymity Provides Shareholder Disclosure Solution to Clearstream

London, June 28, 2022, Proxymity announced today it now supports Clearstream with its Shareholder ID solution across Europe. Implementing the solution further digitises Clearstream’s disclosure services to comply with the EU’s Shareholder Rights Directive II.

The successful deployment provides Clearstream clients with the fastest and most transparent disclosure solution available. The solution validates and automates shareholder ID requests from trusted sources in industry compliant formats, thus eliminating the need for manual intervention.

Sam Riley, Head of Investor Services & Financing, Clearstream, commented: “At Clearstream, we always seek to optimise our clients’ experience throughout the whole securities life cycle. Together with our partner Proxymity, we are providing the best in digital disclosure solutions, driving transparency and efficiency in the European capital markets.”

Proxymity Co-Founder and COO Jonathan Smalley added: “This is the next step in our long association with Clearstream and Deutsche Börse Group and our shared vision to improve investor communications. The launch of this service is a specific example of how we are working together to delivering services that improve the speed and quality of shareholder disclosure systems.”

About SRD II

SRD II aims to make it easier for issuers to engage with shareholders, especially across different markets or countries, encouraging the use of modern technology to aid communication between companies, their shareholders, and the intermediaries between them.

The European wide legislation impacts amongst others, companies with registered offices and shares trading in the EU. This suggests new platforms and technologies like Proxymity may not only help upgrade existing processes to meet SRD II demands but could also be the most efficient and effective means of complying with the legislation.

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