Proxymity Vote Connect

Transforming the proxy voting process with Proxymity Vote Connect

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Proxymity Vote Connect

Proxymity Vote Connect

Proxymity Vote Connect is a digital proxy voting platform that connects issuers, intermediaries and investors in real time with a unique digital pathway.

Fully secure

Created with security in mind – fully GDPR and SRD II compliant

For many markets, the current proxy voting process can be complex, slow, inaccurate and open to distortion, interference, and interpretation. Proxymity is transforming proxy voting with real-time and transparent communication, enabling better governance and stewardship across the chain of custody.

What could Proxymity Vote Connect do for you?

Issuers / Issuer agents

Run stress-free general meetings with Proxymity Vote Connect, a complete digital proxy voting solution that creates a real-time direct connection between issuers / issuer agents and their investors.

  • Full control

    Total control of your meeting notices and agendas delivered directly to your shareholders while ensuring full compliance with SRD II.

  • Unparalleled engagement and good governance

    Instant notifications and real-time receipt of votes from your shareholder base in advance of the meeting.

  • Unmatched connectivity

    Connected to the world’s largest custodians, ensuring maximum reach to your local and international shareholders base.

  • Greater insights

    Profile investors easily and get real-time receipt of votes as soon as they begin voting, up to 13 days prior to the meeting.

  • User- friendly interface

    A dedicated web portal provides you with a simple way to announce meetings and receive votes directly or via agents with total interoperability.

  • Fast and efficient

    The instant delivery of data ensures you and your shareholders have the maximum amount of time to communicate.


Serve clients more efficiently by replacing time consuming data handling with an automated, real-time solution that delivers end-to-end transparency.

  • Cost reduction

    The paperless, digital solution removes the need to manually process notifications and messages, allowing for a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly approach.

  • Fast and efficient

    Proxymity Vote Connect offers the most competitive deadlines in the industry thanks to real-time delivery of information via our digital end-to-end voting platform.

  • 100% compliant & secure

    Proxymity Vote Connect is fully compliant with SRD II and all data protection legislation including GDPR and meets the highest security standards such as SOC2.

  • Full transparency

    Give your clients unrivalled transparency in the proxy voting process while ensuring a secure and direct connection with the central securities depository (CSD) or issuer agent.

  • Accuracy assured

    The automated solution acts as a single point of contact, looking after every step of the process to reduce the risk of errors and cut down operational costs.

  • Trusted by the best

    Proxymity Vote Connect is trusted and used by many major industry partners, including the world’s leading financial institutions.


Vote with confidence thanks to ‘golden source’ communications, get more time to research your response and engage with issuers, and receive immediate confirmation that your vote has been counted.

  • Realistic timeframes

    With as much as five extra days to research your vote and engage with issuers, you have more time to make critical investment decisions and support your stewardship responsibilities.

  • Complete visibility

    Know where your vote is in the process, including confirmation that your vote was counted at the meeting.

  • Fast & efficient

    Experience a streamlined proxy voting process by casting votes and requesting physical or virtual attendance to issuers or their agents with the click of a button.

  • Seamless collaboration

    By working with the leading advisory agents, we ensure the continuity of your existing proxy voting processes.