Proxymity Vote Connect Suite

Transform your proxy voting process with Proxymity Vote Connect

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Proxymity Vote Connect Suite

Proxymity Vote Connect Suite

Proxymity Vote Connect is the world’s first fully digital proxy voting solution. It connects issuers, intermediaries, and investors in real-time, via a secure, cloud-native platform.

Improved reliability, better governance

The current proxy voting process can be complex, slow, and inaccurate. It is also open to distortion, interference, and interpretation. Proxymity Vote Connect eliminates the challenges and risks associated with the traditional approach, strengthening governance and stewardship.

Whether you are in a local or global market, we have you covered

We offer two variants of Proxymity Vote Connect – Vote Connect Global and Vote Connect Total

Proxymity Vote Connect Suite

Proxymity Vote Connect Global

Proxymity Vote Connect Global

Enabling proxy voting to take place across the globe via global custody networks.

Proxymity Vote Connect Total

Proxymity Vote Connect Total

A fully digital proxy voting solution allowing meeting data, ballots, votes, and vote confirmation to be sent and received securely, and error-free through the entire chain of custody.

What could Proxymity Vote Connect do for you?

Issuers / Issuer agents

Create a real-time, direct connection with investors for enhanced control, transparency and compliance. The result? Stress-free annual general meetings.

  • Transparent

    Digital-native platform with unparalleled real-time transparency.

  • Efficient

    Engage with your investors and understand voting patterns before meeting close.

  • Improved engagement

    Identify beneficial owners with full transparency, making your GMs less stressful.

  • Real-time

    Instant publication directly to investors, providing true vote confirmation.

  • Control

    Complete control of the meeting agenda visible to the institutional investors.

  • Visibility

    Live vote progress receipt and tracking, without distortion or interference.


Deliver the fastest data direct from the source, increase the time available to research and vote on important matters, and benefit from instant vote confirmation. The result? Happier clients.

  • Reliable

    Pre/post meeting vote confirmations.

  • Efficient

    Reduce operational risk and cost by eliminating time-consuming manual data handling.

  • Visible

    Full oversight of all related activity on the platform.

  • Fast

    Offers the best deadline in the market for your clients.

  • Real-time

    Real-time notifications direct from issuers.

  • Regulation

    Full SRD II compliance.


Gain the maximum amount of time to research and track your vote status at meetings through an intuitive user interface or via your vote advisory agents. The result? Accurate, seamless voting.

  • Speed of notifications

    Receive faster notifications directly from the source.

  • More time

    Unrivalled deadlines – up-to-market deadline for connected issuers.

  • Improved transparency

    Full transparency of vote status, reconciled every step of the way, including post-meeting vote confirmation.

  • Real time

    Delivery of votes to issuers.

  • Efficiency

    Ability to request virtual and physical meeting attendance.

  • Seamless collaboration

    Real-time integrations to leading vote advisory agents – no change to your operational model.