Rewiring the proxy process: Tech firm aims to cut out delays and errors

We were  featured in an article in IR Magazine on 18th September, 2019 entitled “Rewiring the proxy process: Tech firm aims to cut out delays and errors”. They talked about our development of the Proxymity online shareholder investor communications platform with the Citi D10X Accelerator and potential of a digital platform like this in the context of the SRD II regulations that are due to arrive.

A snippet of the article is given below, however, If you wish to read the article in full you can do so by clicking on this link.  


When companies send out proxy materials, such as the agenda for an annual shareholder meeting, the information has to pass through a complicated web of intermediaries before reaching the end-investor.

The route typically includes issuing agent, sub-custodian, global custodian, ballot provider and voting advisory agent – although it can be a lot more complicated.

A start-up aiming to simplify the process is Proxymity. Launched two years ago, the London-based firm was founded by Dean Little and Jonathan Smalley, who both worked in asset servicing at Citi.

In that role, Little says he felt frustrated by the slow and potentially error-prone way information was passed between intermediaries. ‘Really, you just want to send information from issuer to investor,’ he says.

After coming up with the idea for Proxymity…Read full article here.

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