Proxymity’s 2023 End of Season Round-Up

Proxymity’s 2023 End of Season Round-Up

The Proxymity team share their thoughts on managing the biggest AGM season yet and comment on the proxy voting landscape.

As the AGM season concludes for companies in the Northern Hemisphere, we’re excited to shine a spotlight on the remarkable achievements and insights provided by the dedicated team at Proxymity. With their unwavering commitment to revolutionising proxy voting and shareholder disclosure, our customers have gained a competitive edge in serving their clients’ needs. Read on, to delve into the stories behind the transformative impact of Proxymity’s cutting-edge solutions. 

Biggest Season Ever at Proxymity

This season has proven to be an extraordinary milestone for Proxymity as we welcomed an unprecedented number of international clients and partners to our innovative platform. Prior to the season beginning, we worked hard to collaborate with and onboard several global industry giants, including DNB, Clearstream, Citi, StateStreet, Computershare, and BNY Mellon. Their decision to embrace Proxymity for the 2023 season reflects a collective commitment to harnessing the power of advanced technology and ushering in a new era of efficiency and transparency in proxy voting. The soaring volumes witnessed on the Proxymity platform stand as a resounding testament to the trust and confidence placed in our solutions by them. 

> 2X more meetings than the previous season

> 3X more votes processed than the previous season

Insights from the Proxymity Team

We interviewed some members of the team at the heart of the season’s activity, and they provided insights and perspectives on this season and the proxy voting landscape, offering their views on the dynamic challenges and transformative opportunities at hand. Here’s what they had to say.

How would you summarise this AGM season compared to last year?

“This AGM season has been our busiest yet in terms of volume and our commitment to delivering exceptional service to our clients. One key aspect that sets this season apart is the strengthened relationships our team has cultivated with agents and stakeholders in diverse markets. Through coordinated efforts and the collective expertise of our team, we consistently work to exceed our client’s expectations, ensuring the timely publication of meetings and processing of votes.”

Katie Goldstone, Head of Proxy Voting

What was the biggest challenge this season and how did you overcome it?

“I believe that a major challenge faced not only by our company, but the entire industry is the absence of standardised infrastructure and processes across markets, leading to time-consuming operations. To address this, we have taken a proactive approach by introducing customised processing solutions for each market we expand into. As Proxymity continues to grow, we aim to leverage our innovative capabilities to drive positive change and influence market practices, benefiting all stakeholders in the custody chain.”

Jack Foreman, Service Excellence Manager

What role does Proxymity play in driving innovation and transformation within the proxy voting landscape?

“I firmly believe that our clients realise the distinct value we offer as a platform and as a company. We surpass the existing options by not only reducing processing time but also extending the stewardship period. Through strategic partnerships with firms across various markets and the implementation of streamlined processes, Proxymity is actively driving automation and advocating for industry-wide standardisation.”

Nicola Brinkman, Head of Client Services

What role does Proxymity play in driving standardisation and supporting compliance in the industry?

“The platform’s remarkable capability to accept messaging in various formats and effortlessly convert them into the ISO 20022 standard is enabling the companies we work with to deliver compliance in their markets. This includes intermediaries in the chain of custody who are recognising the advantages and actively embracing ISO 20022.”

Corey Tweedale, Meeting Creation Lead

Final thoughts from our Head of Business Development

“In the evolving proxy voting landscape, we’re witnessing a digital transformation and Proxymity is at the forefront of that change. Industry leaders have chosen to extend their usage of Proxymity to drive market change. They are now witnessing the benefit of real-time communication, increased efficiency, greater transparency and extended decision-making time. With ESG being a priority for firms globally, these advances empower companies to make informed decisions, enhance shareholder engagement, and drive better corporate governance. Together, we’re shaping the future of digitally connected proxy voting.”

Michael Kempe, Head of Business Development

No Signs of Slowing Down

This AGM season has been a memorable one for Proxymity, marked by significant milestones, strong partnerships, and our continuing commitment to transforming the proxy voting landscape.  

As we reflect on the increased client and partner onboarding, the exponential growth in volumes, and the unique insights shared by our team, we know we cannot stand still, we now look forward to further growth and market adoption of digital proxy voting across the world.  

If you’d like to join us and are interested in learning more about how our platform deliver for your organisation, book a conversation with our experts today – Talk to us.

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